Hudson Woods:
From the Source

Story, Messaging, Voice, Copywriting

If we were in the market for a getaway place, we’d snap up a Hudson Woods home immediately. This cool new development is nestled at the foot of the Catskills, in the heart of the Hudson Valley, just two hours from New York City.

Since we’re not looking for a vacation home, we settled for the next best option. We helped developer Lang Architecture and creative lead Studio Sanderson shape a brand narrative, messaging and copy that appeals to those who love authentic experiences, nature and beautiful modern design all wrapped up in one.

Everything “Hudson Woods” hinges on the idea of being “From the Source.” Sleek, eco-friendly homes feature materials and craftsmanship from the area. And no matter where you are in the area, you’re surrounded by 360 degrees of nature, including
sprawling meadows and towering trees.

As a place, as a community, as a home, Hudson Woods delivers a vibrant, authentic experience that really is from the source.

Client: Lang Architecture

Partners: Studio Sanderson



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