Celebrating the Humanity of People Living with Cancer

Naming, Story

When Immunomedics came to us for help naming an online platform for the cancer community, we knew we had to give it our all. Their goal was to create a space where people living with cancer could truly be themselves. There are other communities that focus on fighting, or hope, or relentless positivity, but this one is designed to welcome and celebrate all aspects of humanity — not just the fighter mentality.

We were challenged to create a name that felt real and inclusive. A name that captured the idea of having space to simply be yourself — your whole self. A name that would speak to all types of people, living with any type of cancer, at any stage of the disease.

Following a wide and deep exploration, one name rose to the top: Humanly. This name boldly states what shouldn’t need to be stated: People living with cancer aren’t just patients. They are humans with rich, complex lives. Humanly celebrates humanity and humanizes cancer. And that’s something we’re proud to have played a part in.

Client: Immunomedics



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