A Fresh Start

Naming, Story

The debt collection industry is broken. Creditors devote significant internal resources to resolve borrowers’ delinquent balances; traditional debt collection agencies often use threatening tactics on financially vulnerable borrowers. Rife with hostility, debt collection ranks second as the most complained about sector in consumer finance.

One startup has set out to change this. Working as an ally, not an adversary, the company envisions better outcomes for all in debt collection. Through the use of their proprietary software—and with an emphasis on respect and empathy—their goal is to enable happier endings. Ease and relief instead of fear and dread. Understanding, not ultimatums.

They came to us looking for a name that captured their drive to deliver better outcomes for all. After an extensive exploration, the name January was chosen. The first month of a new year is always a reset; the name reflects their new approach in an industry that badly needs it. A clean slate, a fresh start. And for January, through successfully resolving over 90% of accounts through tech-enabled debt collection, it’s clearly just the beginning.

Client: January


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