LeafLink is the cannabis industry’s leading wholesale platform. Bringing together companies, brands, and retailers, they help facilitate billions of dollars in transactions annually.

As cannabis markets continue to evolve and go digital, LeafLink’s business and offering has rapidly transformed to stay two steps ahead. From a platform and product perspective, they began integrating various aspects of their business — payments, logistics, marketing services and insights — into a single, unified experience for their customers. 

The leadership team came to Tanj for help in communicating a revamped, future-facing strategy. The goal was two-fold: first, to unite teams internally; second, to excite customers externally. 

Through a series of in-depth workshops, research, and exploration, we arrived at several concepts to position LeafLink as the de facto unified platform that offers more choices and more growth opportunities for brands and retailers. This also included positioning LeafLink as a key player for setting vital standards for the cannabis industry nationally, and potentially globally. 

Our work culminated in a brand language playbook that drove messaging and tone for LeafLink across various touch points, from digital interfaces to trade shows. It was also instrumental in honing their message for potential investors. In fact, to date, LeafLink has raised nearly $400mm in funding.