Founded by two former Apple executives, Level is one of the most exciting innovators in smart home technology. 

Their flagship Level Lock, which seamlessly embeds smart lock technology into door locks of your choice, is just the tip of the iceberg. 

The broader Level home automation platform, which powers everything from locks to HVAC to lighting, can be leveraged in very compelling ways by apartment and building owners for multifamily applications. 

To cater to the multifamily (aka ‘MDU’ or multi dwelling unit) market, and its unique needs, Level launched a multifamily-specific business unit, which needed a unique name that still let the Level masterbrand name shine. 

After a lengthy, challenging exploration of how to harmonize a business unit sub-name with the corporate name, we landed on ‘Level M,’ a simple, short and elegant nod to multifamily, and the MDU acronym. 

Level M shows the company’s commitment to the multifamily sector, while still keeping the focus on the broader ‘Level’ name and brand.