Up for Something New?


At Tanj, we often work on brands that are at the forefront of their industries. Cool new product launches, amazing new services, awesome new organizations — they all need names.

What’s less common is being able to work at the forefront of entirely new industries.

Lucky for us, we had the chance to name an innovative, new cannabis brand, in a new edible format called a sublingual strip (i.e. it dissolves under your tongue).

We landed on OLO — a highly coined, incredibly short brand name clipped from “-ology,” which is the suffix denoting the study of something.

It’s a fun, casual reference to the science and innovation that the OLO team has put into its products. Given that it's is only three letters, OLO is very easy to remember (essential in the cannabis category for obvious reasons ;-), and it pairs well with product names, like Focus, Chill, Social and Active.

Client: Project Yosemite

Partners: Velo



Case Study