Built for the Big Day


NFL tentpole events like the Draft, Superbowl and Pro Bowl are big, exciting and highly immersive affairs. To deepen the fan experience, the NFL developed a new app that gives attendees everything they need to take full advantage of NFL events. Think interactive maps, schedules, location-based alerts, even 'Vince' — the NFL’s virtual assistant named after Vince Lombardi — right in the palm of your hand.

The new app needed a new name. And that’s where we came in.

Within our exploration, we developed a strategy to create names that position the app in unique and engaging ways. As a guide, about the experience, or all about the feeling of taking part in these incredible events.

In the end, the final name OnePass kinda covers it all. In a light play on words, OnePass clearly communicates that everything you need for these events is right there in the app.

Client: NFL



Case Study