Ownership Works:
A New Way of Doing Business

Naming, Brand Language, Messaging, Story, Voice

When a company does well, it’s usually the founders or higher-level executives that benefit. That’s business as usual. But Pete Stavros of KKR thought change on this front was long overdue. Turning the typical model on its head, he’s spent the last several years championing the concept of shared equity: giving lower-level employees ownership of the company and empowering them through financial literacy.

His non-profit brings together workers, companies, investors, policy makers, and communities to make shared ownership a reality. This movement of sharing equity is, at its very heart, about empowerment. Giving employees ownership increases their involvement and engagement in what they do, leading to greater business growth. Shared equity changes the lives of individuals, families, and communities. It leads to a better society.

Working with our friends at EY, we took on the challenge of developing a compelling name for this non-profit that’s focused on a new way of doing business. After a strategic exploration, we landed on Ownership Works. Powerfully descriptive, it conveys exactly what the organization stands for and believes in. It’s a new model for a new world: Ownership Works.

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