Required to Clear

Naming, Story

If you’ve traded stock or sent money from one investment account to another, the transaction was most likely “cleared” or completed by underlying technology that the entire financial system relies on to make sure transactions are done right.

The only problem is that the clearing technology many financial institutions use is slow, antiquated and difficult to integrate into an ever-evolving tech stack.

Volant Trading developed a smarter, faster and more robust approach to clearing, and they spun out a new company to market and deploy the technology to various partners.

Together with our friends at Forefront Communications — an awesome team of fintech-specific marketing and branding pros — we crafted a new name and identity for the company.

We landed on “RQD,” which is shortened from “required,” to signal the essential and reliable nature of the technology. “RQD” is a fresh take on how to leverage an acronym, giving the company a modern feel with out-of-the-box credibility.

Client: Volant Securities

Partners: Forefront Communications



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