Picture this: You receive a reward from, say, your employer. You get to pick a gift card from a selection of retailers. A few weeks later you get the gift card in the mail. You take that gift card and enter the info on the retailer’s website so you can redeem your reward. Hmm. It’s a great gesture, but that’s way more complicated than it needs to be.

A company offering a much smarter way to manage payouts came to us seeking a new name. Their original name, WeGift, was too limiting and too tied to the concept of gift cards. While they got their start offering the technology to send gift cards instantly, they are expanding to offer a whole lot more.

They’re building new infrastructure to enable the exchange of any digital value (think prepaid cards, gift cards, subscriptions, crypto and more), globally and instantly. So, they needed an abstract name that could rise above the details. A name that felt cool, special, limitless.

After plenty of creative exploration and thoughtful discussions, the name Runa was selected. Inspired by the word rune, Runa conveys a feeling of mystery and of supernatural shapeshifting, echoing the ability to instantly transfer and exchange digital value in a variety of forms. Short, sweet, and flexible, the new name is sure to remain a good fit as Runa continues to evolve.

Following name selection, we worked closely with the Runa team to create language to help clarify the brand purpose of Runa and to bring the brand to life.