As a business grows, there’s an inflection point where having the right funding can make or break success. Purchase order financing is a type of funding that helps businesses through these periods — ensuring that a company that has purchase orders in hand has the funds to create the supply for which there is certain demand.

Our client discovered the need for this type of funding firsthand, and decided to create the solution that they had been searching for. We were invited to help create the right name for the new business and to create the brand strategy and brand language guidelines.

Internal attempts at naming hit roadblocks — particularly when it came to ownability. Our task was to create a name that was, of course, ownable — but also fairly short, recognizable and approachable yet serious.

The name? Setscale. A wide range of name styles were considered, but ultimately Setscale was selected for its clear, simple, memorable message: your business is set to scale.