Dar, or Dar Al-Handasah, has a rich history. The Lebanese company builds some of the most amazing structures and developments in the world. 

But one challenge they’ve faced along their more than nearly 70-year history is how they’ve managed their portfolio of brands, covering everything from architecture and design companies to engineering and consulting organizations, all with differing names. 

The name Dar — the name of the group of companies as well as a single company within the group — caused brand and operational confusion. So the team set out to rename and rebrand itself at the group holding company level. 

And that’s where we stepped in. 

After a lengthy, highly collaborative approach that explored everything from notions around home and history to humanity and human endeavor, we landed on a new name that works perfectly with the legacy name Dar while signaling a new era in the group's history. 

Sidara - a coinage of ‘sidar,’ meaning cedar, which is the national tree and symbol for Lebanon. The new name unifies the entire set of companies within the group’s rich history while nodding to its Lebanese roots and retaining a reference to the name Dar.