Pellet Power


Pellet grills are not new. But a pellet grill from Weber — which means something entirely different to grilling enthusiasts and anyone who knows the Weber brand — is now.

Weber, legendary maker of charcoal, gas and other grills known for their incredible performance and longevity, realized the potential of the burgeoning pellet grill market due to the technology's ability to deliver super smoky, pro-BBQ-quality results. And they knew they needed to make a splash, all around the world.

So they asked us to name the new product line.

The bar was high. Pellet grills are a lesser known category of grills, so it was important to signal their benefits directly in the name. Weber's technology delivers the smoke of a regular smoker plus the searing temperatures of other fuels. We also wanted consumers to understand that via the name. It would also be a global name used in markets all over the world, so it needed to be simple and easy for all.

After an exhaustive search, we landed on SmokeFire — a clear, universal way to telegraph all the awesomeness this grill offers.

Oh yeah, and SmokeFire comes with Weber Connect, which is an amazing step-by-step grilling assistant that turns the grill into a truly smart grill. We named Weber Connect, too!

Client: Weber-Stephen



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