Changing the Game

Naming, Story

Being a sports fan can be a passive experience: you’ve got the fervor and enthusiasm, but not the ability to influence events on the court. A new basketball strategy game in the field of daily fantasy sports is set to change that.

On this platform, every basketball player is a tradable NFT that can be owned, traded, or staked. Users will acquire athletes, form a team, and play against other teams in contests and tournaments. Through turning users into owners, they’re building a new stage for participatory fandom. It’s a game of intellect and analytics, using what you’ve got to your advantage to win and get your players to skyrocket in value.

This NFT basketball game needed a name that captured its combination of Web3 tech, strategy, and sports. We landed on Swoops, a name that was chosen for its active and playful vibe. Swoops references the sport in a new way, reflecting the platform’s new approach to a beloved game.

After raising an initial round of funding that included Gary Vaynerchuk, Swoops is set to launch in July 2022.

Client: Swoops



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