Too often, in the world of jobs and employment, companies have all the power over people. Applicant tracking systems filter out even the most qualified resumes. Prospective employees are left in the dark about the job application process. But we spend so much of our time at work. Shouldn’t we build careers that work for us, and not the other way around?

Teal, a career growth platform, gives everyone the tools, skills, and guidance they need to empower their professional lives. Whatever form career growth takes for each individual, Teal levels the playing field by building the infrastructure that helps everyone grow their careers with confidence—tools like a Job Tracker, Resume Builder, and a beloved Chrome extension that streamlines and supercharges the job search process.

Having built this suite of web-based career tools, Teal came to Tanj for help communicating exactly what their platform can do. After an initial phase of in-depth research, we crystallized Teal’s brand purpose in five powerful words: growth, on your own terms. We crafted brand narratives and web copy centered on this unique and ownable notion of growth in one’s career, and created a brand language playbook to guide writers in harnessing the Teal voice to support it.

Teal recently raised a $6.3 million seed round, as they continue to provide and empower individuals with the tools they need for the future of work.