Harness the Power of the Gut Microbiome


The microbiome affects nearly every system in the body. When its natural state is disrupted, our health is majorly impacted. Microbiome transplants are a great way to restore a patient’s disrupted microbiome, but to date the process has been difficult and expensive.

An innovative health company has developed a much simpler way for patients and clinicians to collect and store a healthy microbiome sample. Ultimately, their goal is to make it easier to access and understand the healing power of the gut microbiome.

Due to trademark issues with their original name, the company needed a new name that would make this complex field of health feel accessible and friendly. In a field that deals with fecal transplants, language is a sensitive subject. It was of the utmost importance to choose a name that felt approachable.

So we created the name “Tend.” Simple and clean, Tend speaks to actively caring for your gut microbiome and your overall health. With an approachable tone, it easily opens up a conversation about the importance of gut health.

Client: Tend Health


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