Accounting may sound a bit boring. Apparently too many people think that, because there’s a massive shortage of accountants and demand is only increasing.

Our client, an accounting consulting firm, wanted to change the landscape of accounting by creating a clear pipeline of talent — helping people successfully launch their career in accounting while also fulfilling accounting services needs for companies.

They’re making a new name for accounting. Changing it from stuffy to sleek. Finding ways for people to integrate their personal passions into a career in accounting. Solving complex issues for companies with ease.

They came to us seeking a vibrant name that would differentiate them in the marketplace, attracting talent as well as organizations seeking services. Ultimately, the name Treewalk was selected. Inspired by an aerial forest trail system in Vancouver, their home base, the name was selected for its fresh, open feel and for its imagery. 

The name Treewalk lends itself to positive messaging about growth and pathways, and is a natural fit for this Canadian firm.