Let's Tidy Up Email

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Email. We all use it. And we all have a love-hate relationship with it.

Despite its convenience, email is not the most efficient way to communicate. More of a necessary evil by some people’s standards?

The kind folks at Ginger Labs — makers of the well-known note-taking app, Notability — set out to change all that with a nifty, new email client that sheds the unnecessary conventions of traditional email.

Say goodbye to silly signature repetition and long, cumbersome chain quotes. Not gonna do it. Say hello to in-collaboration email, handy note-taking functionality and auto-archiving. Oh yeah!

In short, this new platform lets you do more, in less time, with less effort and less writing.

After an extremely deep and wide exploratory, we landed on the name Twobird — a nod to the phrase, “Kill two birds with one stone,” a paragon for efficiency.

Twobird is just taking flight, but judging by its reviews on the App store, it’s a smash hit already.

Client: Ginger Labs



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