A Groundswell for Good

Naming, Story

Every year, Independent Sector (IS) — a national membership organization that brings together non-profits, foundations and corporations to promote the common good — holds conferences for change-makers of all kinds, providing support to enable them to advance their unique causes.

In an effort to redefine what a conference could be, IS sought our help to name its bold, new multi-day event — one that serves as an immersive experience that creates deep, meaningful engagement with change-makers of every kind.

Throughout our exploration, it became clear that the new name needed to leap beyond the conventions of traditional conference names (no “…con,” no acronyms) and serve as the signifier of a living, breathing movement.

Our team focused on short, powerful ideas that spoke to a groundswell of energy, insight and activity that this radically new event would create.

In the end, we arrived at “Upswell.” A dynamic real word, one that also evokes an uprising or groundswell.

With one evocative, memorable word, we were able to position the event as an experience and movement that unites and excites a diverse community, enabling it to continue doing what it does best — good.

Client: Independent Sector



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