Just Veem It


When you’re a tech company that’s about to hit the big-time, you’ve got to be ready for the show. Great talent, solid software, plenty of funding — all a must.

And payments company Align Commerce had all that. They were prepped to change the clunky, outdated world of international payments, and with a recent round of funding, there was nothing standing in their way.

What they didn’t have was a name they liked…

“Align Commerce” wasn’t bad, but it didn’t say, “We’re about to change a global industry.” It was more generic and difficult to pronounce globally. Plus, they didn’t even do commerce anymore.

So we partnered with them to create a more powerful, telegraphic and highly unique global name.

The goal was to craft a name that was fast, sleek and short. Something people anywhere could adopt as a verb (“Google,” anyone?), and that didn’t require any inherit meaning because it’ll one day be in the dictionary under “to send or receive payments internationally”

Something exciting. Something that signaled change. And voilà… we came up with Veem.

Client: Veem, formerly Align Commerce



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