Fintech for the Syndicated Loan Market

Brand Research, Naming

When a consortium of some of the top global banks — JPMorgan, BoA, Credit Suisse & Citi — came to us to create a name for their new platform, we were ready for the challenge.

The syndicated loan market is an area of finance that has lagged behind the rest in terms of technology. These banks decided to join forces to create a leading-edge platform that would unite banks, institutional lenders and service providers, allowing them to streamline workflows, share data, and get greater transparency into loan details and lender portfolio positions.

After we explored a broad range of names, the team decided that a coined name without a reference to loans would best fit their needs. The name Versana was chosen for its strong and flowing tone. It feels expansive and clear, and it smoothly brings the syndicated loan market up to date.

Client: JPMorgan, BoA, Credit Suisse, Citi



Case Study