Introducing Between Two Names — a new series on The Word by Tanj that’s designed to take a lighthearted look at two brand names we’ve spotted in the wild. We’ll contemplate, compare and contrast how names work, and what it means for you the next time you name a brand. 

We recently came across the name Supergut in the wild (well, on Instagram) and were struck by its clarity and simplicity. The company offers a range of products made with prebiotic fiber to help people take control of their gut health. Supergut! It clearly states the benefit; it’s easy to say, hear and spell; and it’s memorable. For a consumer-focused company with a very clearly defined focus, a simple and direct name like this can be a great way to go.

At Tanj, we’re especially tuned into gut health because we had the pleasure of naming Tend Health last year. Tend is a health company that makes it easier for researchers, clinicians and patients to access and use the power of the gut microbiome with a simple device that encapsulates a sample of an individual’s gut microbiome. We think Tend is a pretty great name too (if we may say so ourselves!). Seeing the name Supergut made us think about how (and why) names in the same general space can be very different yet both work very well.

Again, Supergut gets right to the consumer benefit, which is perfect for this B2C brand. Tend is less direct, speaking more broadly to caring for one’s microbiome and helping it flourish. The nuance in this name lets it work well for the range of audiences they cater to, from clinicians to patients. Like Supergut, Tend is simple. It’s easy to say, hear, spell, and remember. Unlike Supergut, it’s also very short, which works well for a more abstract name as it makes it easy to pair with a descriptor when needed — Tend Health, in this case. Both names work so well for their respective purposes.

There’s more than one way to create a great name. Carving out a clear positioning and considering your audience are solid ways to start.

Jill Stanewick is a director of naming & strategy at Tanj.