The bot is out of the bag. 

We built an AI naming assistant based on the amazing work of and its equally amazing ChatGPT language model. 

We call it Chatnamer

You can access it from our site (in the nav!) or at

So… why would a naming company — one that relies on pure human intelligence and creativity — spend time and money creating a bot that could, in theory, put said naming company out of business? 

Great question. Several of our friends have asked the same. 

Six significant reasons:

  1. It’s Really Fun
    ChatGPT is next-level technology. As soon as we saw it, we started to think through how ChatGPT and AI more broadly could be used to either directly develop names, or assist with naming. So why not have fun with it and explore its potential? And that’s exactly what we did. Over the course of 10 days, we brainstormed, prototyped, built and refined a solid working product, all while racing to the end of a hectic 2022. We had a blast.

  2. We Lean In, Not Away
    Does any modern design company refuse to touch a computer? We think not. For naming, it’s mostly an old-school craft. You read, think, imagine, pontificate. And then you write your ideas into a spreadsheet, doc or even paper. It’s all in the mind. So why not leverage the power of a newly forming AI mind to bolster your thinking? That’s where we see ChatGPT (and Chatnamer) shine.

  3. AI Will Never Replace Human Namers
    Much like design, writing, journalism and other crafts that are truly human-centric, AI will not replace all that a human can do. While we can’t know for sure, we suspect it will always fall short compared to human intelligence, ingenuity, sensitivity and subtlety. All of this is required in naming, especially if you want names with nuance, layers and purpose. Does that mean AI, ChatGPT and Chatnamer can't come up with a zinger now and then? Of course they can. So can your accountant… very occasionally. But do you hire your accountant for your naming needs? Again, we think not.

  4. Other Online & AI Naming Tools Stink
    Have you ever tried online name or domain generators like Oberlo, Anadea or Namelix? On the whole, they are wholeheartedly useless. We realized we could tap into ChatGPT’s unparalleled creativity and versatility to create a naming tool that's actually helpful and worth trying.

  5. Someone Needs to Build It
    We saw the opportunity to leverage ChatGPT’s API, and we took it. We hope we’re not the only one in the naming and branding community to develop similar or complementary products that enhance how names are created. It’s an exciting time, and we hope others join us on the AI journey. 

  6. Giving Matters
    We invested time, thought and resources to get Chatnamer going. We think it’s important to put out cool stuff that piques people’s interest and makes them think about names, technology, brands and possibilities. So for now, we’re happy to make Chatnamer a totally free, fun service for the masses. 

That’s it. Enjoy Chatnamer's musing. Share with friends, colleagues and on social (help make #chatnamer go viral 🙏 !!!???)

As you’ll see, AI, ChatGPT and Chatnamer show promise, but they certainly haven't perfected the art and science of naming. We as naming experts, on the other hand, have. 

So if you’re looking for serious human help in creating a purposeful, uniquely layered and legally viable name for your next brand, chat directly with the humans at Tanj

Scott Milano is the founder & managing director at Tanj.