Between Two Names is a series on The Word by Tanj. The column takes a lighthearted look at two brand names we’ve spotted in the wild. We’ll contemplate, compare and contrast how names work, and what it means for you the next time you name a brand.

In the ever-growing realm of not-so-healthy snacks masquerading as better-for-you options, two brands stand out —Feastables and Chomps

Feastables chocolates are fueled by mega-YouTube, Mr. Beast. While Chomps founders Pete and Rashid are more low-key, the brand's crazy growth is anything but. 

Both rapidly scaling brands offer delicious bites on the go, but through their names, they paint contrasting pictures of the snacking experience.

Let's unpack the strategies behind these names and see which one takes the snack cake.

A Bite of History

Chomps, established in 2010, aimed to redefine beef jerky with a convenient protein-packed snack made from 100% grass-fed beef. Feastables, founded by YouTube star and entrepreneur, Mr. Beast, burst onto the scene in 2022 with its gluten-free chocolate bars made from simple ingredients.  

The Name Game: Chomps vs. Feastables

Both names are memorable, but a closer look reveals their strategic approaches.

  • Sound & Emotion: Feastables sounds like a blast — a big party where you can gourge on some really great choolates. The coined term creates  a sense of abundance and indulgence, perfectly capturing a premium but light-hearted snacking experience. Chomps, with its hard "ch" sound and image of your mouth taking flavorful chomes, evokes the very act of scarfing down some tasty beef jerky.

  • Specificity & Intrigue: Feastables directly references the act of feasting, leaving no doubt about the product's purpose. Chomps, on the other hand, is a playful twist to the experience, which creates a little more intrigue, sparking curiosity about the jerky within.

  • Target Audience: Nearly everyone on the planet knows Mr. Beast, and the “Feastables” name winks and nods to its creator and cofounder. It’s a very deft connection to the powerhouse “Mr. Beast” brand. Chomps goes a different route — the playful name attracts an active, health-conscious audience who appreciates a bold-flavored snack and the novelty of the jerky eating experience. 

The Verdict: Different Bites for Different Appetites

Feastables and Chomps are different, but they both feel at home in the fun-filled snack category. 

Feastables is clear, evokes a sense of occasion, and clearly ties to Mr. Beast brand equity. It also excels at conveying a broader set of experiences — literally anything product you can feast on.

Chomps is playful, energetic, and speaks to the act of enjoying a healthy snack. All things considered, it could probably stretch into other "Chomp-able" product areas too. 

So, which one's better? Like the very category they play in, it really just depends on your taste. 

Scott Milano is the founder & managing director at Tanj.