We love the names we create at Tanj, but we also get crushes on other names. One that caught our eye recently is cute-as-a-button Chairish. This online furniture consignment business started by the co-founders of Tripit and Hotwire has been around for a few years now, but lately their name has been popping up more and demanding adoration.

Punny names are a not-so-secret delight for many namers, but we don’t get to see them come to life all that often because the tone just isn’t appropriate for most of our clients. (I may or may not have once suggested the name “Golden Lab” for a user-friendly instrument to be used in scientific laboratories.) For a brand focused on furniture and design, however, there is certainly an opportunity for a bit of whimsy.

Chairish is grounded in its category with “chair,” provides an emotional connection with the play on the word “cherish,” and feels whimsical not only because of the pun but also thanks to fun associations with the ‘-ish’ suffix. To top it off, the logo—a heart-shaped chair—pairs perfectly with the name. Hats off to the folks behind the Chairish brand. It’s a-door-able. (I swear this isn’t a stretch: they really sell doors.)