Tanj Founder & Managing Director, Scott Milano, recently spoke with The Close about naming real estate companies. From seeking differentiation to ensuring names are legally viable, Scott outlines the ABC of getting it right. Here’s a snippet:

Naming Advice from Scott Milano, Founder & Managing Director: Tanj

“Look at what your competitors are doing and do something different. Most likely the majority of players in your area are named after the founder. Don’t do that. Signal something fresh, new and more meaningful to your clients beyond your own name.Name with the future in mind. If your current specialty is apartments, don’t limit yourself with a name like “ApartmentsNow” because your business and focus could evolve in the future.

Aim for quality and quantity. Professional naming firms like Tanj create upwards of 1,000-2,000 options when naming a single brand. You might not be able to get that kind of volume, but aim to create more than just a handful of options to consider. The deeper you go, the more interesting and unique ideas will become. At the end, we recommend you vet your top options to avoid potential trademark conflicts. Search Google for common law trademark issues and the USPTO for registered trademark issues related to real estate. Have your lawyer review them for issues too. The more options you push through this screening process, the more likely you’ll have a viable candidate at the end of everything.

Read our naming guide – Make a Name for Yourself: The Definitive Guide to Naming & Renaming Your Company. It’s chock full of best practices for individuals and teams.”