AI sparked the imagination of the masses in 2022. And if that was just the spark, 2023 will be the mother of all raging bonfires. 

We predict 2024 will be a colossal forest fire of AI. And by 2025, we’ll all be human batteries for our AI overlords, right 🤷? 

Late last year, ChatGPT mainlined itself into pop culture and nearly anyone who has to write anything for a living. That included us at Tanj. We thought ChatGPT was so significant that we launched Chatnamer — which we think is the best AI-powered naming assistant available so far. More on that here

But ChatGPT isn’t the only player on the internets. Jasper — which is more focused on helping writers and marketers pump out infinite bytes of content — has been gaining ground since its February 2021 launch. Jasper actually uses the same GPT-3 language prediction model as ChatGPT. 

Both are widely popular AI tools. 

Both serve as text- and writing-based platforms.

Both are entirely different names. 

So let’s get between them. 

In this edition of Between Two Names, we’re going stick with a hyper-focused, single thesis: 

Each name — ChatGPT and Jasper — does exactly what it is intended to do. 

ChatGPT is nerdy, open-source, for everyone. 

Jasper is polished, cool, inviting and more proprietary in approach and vibe.

Hear me out. 

ChatGPT sounds like a universal code or protocol. Like HTML, HTTP, FTP, all of which are open to and used by everyone. “GPT” stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer... 🤓” The name sounds like early 1990s internet plumbing, the foundation for other sexier tech to build a magical and proprietary experience. 

So the sheer fact that the name ChatGPT feels old school and techy gives it a generic, non-exclusive (dare-I-say cheap — it’s free for now after all?) vibe. And it works because in just a few days of its launch, millions of people logged on to chat away and see what the buzz is all about. 

On the other hand, the name Jasper (a male given name of Persian descent, meaning “Treasurer”) makes the brand and platform feel exclusive, like your sleek-but-friendly writing assistant. According to Jasper’s promo video, “it’s like having your very own robot sidekick with an infinite supply of ideas.” Did Jasper write that or was that written by a real copywriter? Just asking. 

Because the name personifies the brand, we naturally make a personal connection with it and want to learn more about Jasper — the AI, the platform, the experience. And that’s the intent: to create a brand that encourages signups and ultimately sales.

In short, ChatGPT sounds free and open-sourced, which is exactly what the company that created it, OpenAI, wants the world to think. Jasper, on the other hand, sounds more personal, proprietary and exclusive, which motivates users to open up their wallets. 

Job done well all around. 

I’ll leave you with a question: What happens when OpenAI launches a more proprietary, closed AI writing platform? Will it still carry a geekbot name? Or will it intentionally launch with a name that’s designed for another business and brand purpose? 

OpenAI... if you want to talk about naming, ringy-ringy 🤳

That’s it. 

Put down your technology.

Forget about AI, naming and the impending robot wars of 2025. 

Meet a friend for coffee. 

Scott Milano is the founder & managing director at Tanj.