This is the start of our 12th year in the brand naming business. Plus it's an entirely new decade. 

To mark the milestone and lean into the future, we’ve retooled our brand. We've evolved our look, honed our message and strengthened our story.

And as of today, we are thrilled to announce an entirely redesigned!

Since launching the agency in 2009, we've had more than seven websites, three identities and countless ways to talk about what we do. While that’s a lot of change for a company like ours, one thing has always remained the same — why we do what we do. 

When we began our brand refresh, we kept coming back to why, after more than a decade, we’re more excited than ever to continuously push the boundaries of our work and deliver for our clients. 

It boils down to this: 

In our own unique way — by crafting little bits of language that enable brands to communicate more effectively — we help brands have a positive, meaningful impact on the world.  

Yes, I know it sounds lofty. How can words change the world? Hear me out, because it actually makes sense. 

Sometimes our work lets brands reach people on a very personal, emotional level, like when we created the moniker for a new community that supports people living with cancer. 

Other times a word we think up can go completely viral and become synonymous with a hit product enjoyed by millions of people everywhere (hey, it happens)!

And time and time again, our work helps brands rethink their own stories, as we did for an amazing startup, so their products do more good for more people. 

What does all of this mean in the context of our new website? 

Naturally, we wanted our site to reflect why we do what we do — helping brands change the world, one word at a time. 

It’s the driving force behind our business, and it’s what keeps us excited about partnering with great companies and organizations every day. We hope that comes through on the new  

Thanks for reading this far! And while we’re sharing some love, we'd like to thank our friends at Sanderson for their exceptional creative direction and execution, plus Golden for their planning and support!!

More to come soon,

Scott Milano
Founder & Managing Director